Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I was wrong and I'm sorry

So in light of new evidence it looks like I have to take back all that smack I talked about Super Smash.

It turns out that it was just a big misunderstanding. All the characters are really good friends, as demonstrated by their dancing together on the internet to sped-up Swedish europop.

Who knew? Gosh, not me.

- Rook


  1. Is it just me, or is Lucario really giving it to Jigglypuff? I don't even know how that would work.

    Also -- Mr. Game and Watch stole the show.

  2. I've long suspected that Jigglypuff may have unsavory ulterior motives. He is the only character that seems to enjoy getting slapped around a bit too much.

    And then there's the daming fact that everyone that comes into contact with him falls asleep immediately after... except for Snake, who just smokes a cigarette.

    Jigglypuff: NSFW, yo.