Friday, June 19, 2009

Space Inventory

Whenever I struggle to complete a game, I always check out what the guys over at Game Helpin' Squad have to say about it. From the time I couldn't max my malignancy modifiers in Cyst Warrior to the time I couldn't get past 3.1415926535897932384 in Pi Reciter, they've been there for me. Now they've come out with a solid guide for World Quester 2.

They do things a little differently... I've always been more reliant on Fire Icers and Mathematitions, for example. But it's worth checking out.

- Rook


  1. So I watched this when it was first posted, but I was watching the gameplay. I just watched it again to pay attention to the chat. That is some classy stuff.


  2. Even more so than the game's ridiculously exaggerated complexity, the chat is eerily on the money. It plays straight man to the video's comedy, like a Bud Abbott made ENTIRELY OF WORDS.