Friday, December 12, 2008

Filled with Rage

If I had a single gamma ray in me I would have mutated into a green monstrosity and laid waste to New York twice already. New York is lucky that I am Gamma Free.

This is such bullshit.



  1. I think that if that were a joke, it would be a bad joke... but it's not, so it's just kind of baffling.

  2. May I suggest that you ease your shattered mind with a round of Sumotori vs Rook? And put that shit on YouTube so we can all enjoy?

  3. I'm honestly giddy with anticipation. This movie will be everything wrong with cinema... I cant wait.

  4. i agree w/ rob. can't wait. nerd rage over its inevitable eye-searing badness is just going to be the icing on my gleeful cake.

  5. It's remarkable how little that trailer has to do with.. well, anything.

    It's like that old trusty axe I own: it's never let me down in all the years I've had it. I've only had to replace the head once, and the handle twice.

    The poor Dagronball movie has been in limbo for so long, it's an adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation. It's like every thing they show, you go "Oh. That's supposed to be that. I guess that's Goku. And I guess that's supposed to Bulma there."

    "Oh, and there's the Purple Monkey Dishwasher."

  6. I stopped watching at "in ancient times earth was nearly destroyed."

    So much for being canon.

  7. I'm not sure Dragon Ball the Anime\Manga was ever even concerned with it's own Canon... I dont see why a film should be. *laughs*

  8. Quite the opposite, I tend to think - serial comics like those showcased in Shōnen Jump generate years worth of material, and fans often assemble intricate lists maintaining internal consistencies. Think of something like Rumiko Takahashi's stuff like Lum or Ranma, which literally ran for decades. Internally consistent worlds are created, fortified and maintained.

    And then there's the role of the author - consider Dragonball GT, which some people write off for being not helmed by Toriyama.. and also, I guess, for being poop.

    Even in the thriving dojinshi biz, one thing that separates a quality 'fan-fic' from an inferior one is the same sort of consistency.. nobody wants to read a comic where the characters don't behave as they would in the real deal, even if it's (often) just a matter of how they shack up.

    Now, personally, I am the sort who doesn't give a tinker's toss-pot about canon, and think any adaption should stand on its own legs. That said, I can understand how they'll be a legion of fans who have their testes in a tweeest when they notice Goku's glowing the wrong colour or some such.

    As for me, if they don't include a terrible CGI Puar, I'll riot. I pays for my weird floating cat, I expects my weird floating cat.

  9. My rage has been subsided by the fact that this link has generated the most comments.
    Also Wolverine: Origins makes me feel better about adaptations.

  10. You know what I'm going to miss about the DB movie? Oolong...