Friday, December 19, 2008

Live Like There's Snow Tomorrow

So I totally missed my post yesterday, and for that I apologize. You no doubt have come to rely on us here at King and Rook for our informative, and timely, work. I am ashamed it was I who let you down.

Greater still was my shame that I probably wouldn't be posting until sometime this weekend maybe not even until Monday, terrible, I know but the holidays have me so damn busy and I don't even celebrate them. Today was to be my last day of work before my holidays began, likely lasting a few weeks before I begin University in January. It was looking like alot of work too, but then something happened. Something profound was in the works.

I always thought the middle-aged Fate was hottest. Rook likes the old one.

I left at my usual 8:15 to take the 20 minute Subway ride to Finch, the northern most of the stations, where I would transfer onto a 45 minute bus to travel the rest of the way to work. The trip to Finch was a hour and 10 minutes alone. What is going on, I pondered as I walked up the stairs from the underground tunnel. Cresting the last of the concrete steps I saw it. A blizzard. Fate had spoken and ushered in a new day, long forgotten.

The Snow Day.

That's right there wasn't much chance of me getting to work today dear readers. I called the boss and let him know my oh so unfortunate plight and then turned around, back to the subway, a spring to my step.

Polar Bear in a Snow Storm

The awesome power of the Snow Day is undeniable. A power that many learn to summon for the great pleasures the snow day can bring. Snowball fights, tobogganing, video games, no homework, writing your blog article. Who doesn't appreciate the snow day, Nature's own time machine with the power to give the world a free day, pulled perhaps from spare reserves in the past or future, filled with limitless possibilities.

There are different kinds of Snow Days too. There is the snow day created when an enterprising individual decides, in advance, that tomorrow will be a snow day. These guys usually aren't meteorologists, but I'm not going to argue with days off especially with someone who is my boss or principal. The problem with these snow days is that they kind of take the magic away, you know they're coming, make plans in advance, and have the day full of activities before you know it.

There is also the Suspected Snow Day. Where you are so damn sure it is going to snow tomorrow that you just assume that's what's going down. You stay up late, skip homework, and prepare for adventure, all the while teetering with anticipation and hope. Sometimes this kind of Snow Day will screw you though and you'll wake up to some weird pre-spring weather.

Finally there is the best of all. The Sneak Attack Snow Day. You went to bed early, you got all your business done and are prepared for another day of the same old. You wake up, go about your morning ritual and then notice, sweet baby jesus, there is 4 feet of snow outside. These are the best, the truly free days.

The look of pure, Snow Day, joy

All of these days come less and less frequently. The glory years are during the elementary school years of course, and hold strong through high school, but once you've joined the work force they evaporate quite quickly. Business is business and the phrase 'business as usual' holds true in inclement weather. But when you can't get into work you simply can't.

So next time you have a snow day, have yourself a cup of hot chocolate, grab your laptop and open up your favourite blog. Play some video games, eat some junk food and maybe, just maybe, catch up on something you meant to do yesterday.

Until Next Time, Toboggan in style.



  1. If you accidentally clicked on the "Somethign you meant to do yesterday link and are now stuck in an infinite loop click hereto escape

  2. My dad was giving me a speech this morning about how there was no such thing as a snow day when he was growing up.

    "Kids would just ride their toboggans to work."

    Oh dad!

  3. Well there's no such thing as a snow day for me... mother fuckers... I showed up at work, had to snow blow the walk way several times and dig two cars out when they got snowed into the parking lot. Sadly there was a snow day for the cute girl who's been fund raising for Make a Wish whom I had intended to ask out... and now her contract is over and I am sad. *laughs* Ah well... such is life. You know snow day or not... I actually had a lot of fun just running around with the snow blower at work, honestly I feel almost vindicated strangely. Proof that one does not need a snow day, for a day with snow to be awesome.

  4. Also Improv Everywhere rock...